Басин Петр Васильевич

Портрет писателя и музыкального критика, секретаря Общества поощрения художников Модеста Дмитриевича Резвого (1807—1853)

Год создания: 1837–1838

Размер: 71,5 х 58,5

Техника: Холст, масло

Резвой Модест Дмитриевич (1807–1853) – поэт, писатель, музыкальный критик, композитор, художник-портретист, почетный вольный общник Императорской Академии Художеств, член-корреспондент Императорской Академии Наук. Инженер по образованию. Генерал-майор.

Basin Pyotr Vasilievich

Portrait of Modest Rezvoi

Technique: Oil on canvas

Modest Dmitrievich Rezvoi (1807–1853) was a poet, writer, music critic, composer, cellist and amateur artist. A graduate of the Engineering Institute, he taught history there (1826–1835), served in the Department of Engineers (1838–1840), and was a major-general. He became the secretary of the Society for the Encouragement of Artists after it was set up in 1820. From 1835 to 1837 he was editor-in-chief of the musical section of Adolphe Pluchart’s “Encyclopaedic Lexicon” (vol. 1–6). In 1839 he was elected a special honorary member of the Imperial Academy of Arts. At the start of the 1840s he took part in publishing the “Dictionary of the Church Slavonic and Russian Language” (St Petersburg, 1847, 1864–1868, vol. 1–4). He was an associate member of the Imperial Academy of Sciences from 1843, and from 1849 he was Deputy Director of the Department of Construction in the Ministry of the Marine.






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