Сон монашенки


Графитный карандаш тонкий, картон, акварель, местами лак. 22,5 х 27,4

Именно такого рода акварели Брюллова, вместе с некоторыми его живописными работами, послужили распространению в искусстве салонных творений. У художника оказалось много эпигонов, варьирующих или слегка видоизменяющих открытую им тематику, изобразительные приемы. Забавные, часто шутливые, жанры Брюллова обогатили целую индустрию салонного искусства, хотя сами к ним, пожалуй, еще не относились.

Брюллов (Брюлло) Карл Павлович

Nun’s Dream


Graphite pencil, cardboard, watercolours, lacquer. 22,5 х 27,4

Masterfully executed by the artist genre scenes were extremely popular in their time. People found in them exploration of new themes, freedom from conventions, and luxury of craftsmanship. It is the precise watercolour and sepia technique itself that attracts in them.

Looking for the new, unusual, attractive, and sometimes "enticing", Brullov was often balancing on the verge of good taste. In his legacy there are works ("Grandmother and Granddaughter’s Dream", "Dream of a Nun" and others), funny and entertaining in their openness and amazing due to fantastic craftsmanship of Brullov-watercolourist.

This is the kind of watercolour works by Brullov, which, along with some of his paintings, served to spread salon creations in art. The artist turned out to have a lot of imitators, varying or slightly modifying themes opened by him, his graphic methods. Humorous genres of Brullov enriched the entire industry of salon art, although perhaps did not belong to it themselves.

Brullov (Bruleau) Karl Pavlovich






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