Корзухин А. И.

Птичьи враги


Холст, масло. 52,5 x 71

Корзухин Алексей Иванович
1835, Уктусский завод Екатеринбургского уезда Пермской губернии – 1894, Санкт-Петербург

Живописец; жанрист, автор картин на религиозные и исторические темы.
Родился в семье горнозаводских крестьян. В детстве был учеником иконописца. Учился в Горном училище в Екатеринбурге и одновременно исполнял частные художественные заказы. В 1857 переехал в Петербург. Учился в Императорской Академии художеств (1858-1863). Участник «бунта четырнадцати» (1863). Член Петербургской Артели художников (с 1863). Академик (с 1868). Член-учредитель Товарищества передвижных художественных выставок (1871), но активного участия в деятельности товарищества не принимал.

Korzukhin, A. I.

Birds' Enemies


Oil on canvas. 52,5 x 71

In the final years of his life Korzukhin strove to portray the brighter aspects of life, He unfolds the action under the open skies. The young fowlers' intentions are serious when they set off to catch birds, but for the artist this is a game. He delights in the sunshine and the noise of a warm summer's day and the simple-minded seriousness of the "hunters" who are out to get some birds for their woven cages. Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art. St-Petersburg. 1999. P. 28.

Korzukhin, Alexei Ivanovich
1835, Uktus (Perm Province)– 1894, St Petersburg

Painter, author of genre, religious and history paintings. Born into a family of mining plant peasants. Student of an icon painter in his childhood. Studied at the Mining School in Ekaterinburg, worked on commissions for private clients. Moved to St Petersburg (1857). Studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts (1858–1863). Academician (from 1868). Member of the St Petersburg Artel of Artists (from 1863).Founding member of the Society of Travelling Art Exhibitions (1871), though he was not actively involved in the Society’s activities. Contributed to exhibitions of the Imperial Academy of Arts, the Society of Art Exhibitions and the World Exhibitions in London, Vienna, Philadelphia and Paris (from 1865).






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